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Leslie G. Lee
Ms. Lee is a landscape designer with 12 years of experience in the landscape design and urban planning industries. She has extensive experience working closely with the client and approval agencies, as well as the construction installation team to provide a seamless point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the project. She has held project management positions with AECOM (formerly EDAW), Land Concern, the City of Sapulpa and the National Park Service.

Ms. Lee has worked on many award winning design project teams throughout her career. In 2006, her design style and construction leadership was acknowledged by her peers with a MAME Award Nomination for her project design and management of a model home design and construction installation in Upland, California.

Throughout her career Ms. Lee has been responsible for designing, managing and implementing projects of varying scale for both the public and private sectors. One recent project she has been responsible for included the initial design, planning and approval stages of multi-million dollar public/private owned park in Orange County, California. This 170+ acre park had separate themes with corresponding activities and guidelines to plan and a cast of engineers, architects, water engineers and other subconsultants to coordinate. Many innovations designed for this park included an overall Sustainability Guidelines Plan, an “Art in the Park” guideline, and a bioswale and water detention plan.

While working for a Fortune 500 company, Ms. Lee began training local office personnel on typical project management procedures and effective enterprise content management. Eventually Ms. Lee began working with the Office of Risk Management in that company, identifying areas considered the highest liabilities and creating training modules that could be presented to wide ranges of staff around the globe. Ms. Lee worked to inform and instruct personnel in both domestic and global offices on how they could identify these risks in their own projects and how to reduce and mitigate such risks. These training modules and the continuing follow-up procedures implemented helped to reduce litigation cases throughout the domestic offices significantly within the first two years of use.

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